Canta Napoli Italian Restaurant

Canta 1
Canta 2

This is the seating area of a 2,000 sq. ft. Italian restaurant.  The photo at top left shows the project site just prior to the beginning of work.  The photo at top right shows the floor after cleaning, scrubbing, and grinding off all the paint, glue, and other construction chemicals that would interfere with the staining process.  Next, "simulated" cracks were cut into the floor (below left) using an angle grinder, at the customer's request.  Then, the floor was acid stained and rinsed (below right).  The outline of the crack pattern is evident by the retained dampness from the rinsing process.  For staining, a combination of two colors was used:  Scofield's Antique Amber and Padre Brown, at varying dilutions, to blend them together.  The bottom two photos show the final floor, after sealing with a water-based epoxy and urethane from Decosup, and then applying several coats of Spartan's On 'n On floor finish for added protection.

Canta 3
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