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This project is the resurfacing and coating of an old, beat-up garage floor in Farmington Hills.  At left, you can see the spalling, previous patchwork, oil stains, dirt and grime.  At right is the same floor after grinding, re-doing existing repairs, and filling the widespread spalling with polyurea.

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The original floor also had an unsightly asphalt-based fiber joint filler in the control joint down the middle of the floor.  We removed the old material (above left), then coated the surrounding concrete with a clear sealer so that the excess new material (above right) could be more easily shave off the floor.

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Here is the garage floor after resurfacing with a thin cement overlay and coating with gray polyurea.  Polyurea is a coating similar to epoxy, used for garage floors, but much stronger, more durable, long-lasting and UV- and dirt-resistant.  Unlike with epoxy, this garage won't need to be redone in 3-4 years.

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Polyurea also cures much more quickly than epoxy.  Instead of having to wait the traditional 72 hours, this homeowner was able to start using their garage floor 12 hours after the final coating was applied.