Doppke Residence

Manual Diamond Grinding Of Weathered, Discolored Concrete Front Porch In Preparation For Applying Concrete Stain
Enclosed Front Porch Concrete Floor After Cleaning By Manual Diamond Grinding

This is an enclosed concrete front porch of an old home in South Bend, Indiana that was discolored over the years due to weathering.  The photo above left shows us diamond grinding the concrete to clean it of the discoloration.  Above right, the entire porch has been ground clean, and you can once again see the original, light gray color of the concrete.

Enclosed Front Porch Concrete Floor After Applying Water-Based Acrylic Stain
Enclosed Front Porch Concrete Floor After Applying Acrylic Concrete Stain And Clear Sealer

With the concrete now clean, and the pores of the concrete opened up, we stained porch concrete with a terra cotta colored, water-based acrylic concrete stain from Mason's Select to complement the hues and tones found in the home's brick siding.  We used acrylic stain in this instance because this vibrant shade of red generally cannot be achieved with acid stain. 

We then sealed the porch concrete with a solvent-based acrylic concrete sealer from Sherwin Williams H&C.  Glass bead was added to the sealer for slip resistance.