Gilliam Residence

Gilliam 1
Gilliam 2

This is the ground floor of a home on Grosse Ile with a 2" concrete base.  The homeowner removed existing tile and tried to self-install a cement overlay (left).  But it didn't turn out smooth, and they didn't like their stain sample, so they hired us to install a new overlay (right) and finish the staining.

Gilliam 3
Gilliam 4

This is what the new overlay looked like immediately after staining (above left).  After rinsing and neutralizing, we then applied 2 coats of a water-based epoxy sealer and 2 coats of acrylic floor finish (above right).

Gilliam 5
Gilliam 6

Here is the same sequence in another part of the first floor.  Above left is the owner's original overlay effort.  There is some pink staining because he sanded it with a red sanding disc.  We resurfaced that area, too, and applied the same color stain used in the other area of the house (above right).

Gilliam 7
Gilliam 8

Again, after rinsing and neutralizing, we applied two coats of water-based epoxy sealer (above left) and then applied two coats of acrylic floor finish (above right).  You can see the floor's added luster from the floor finish - sort of like waxing a car.

Gilliam 9
Gilliam 10

Here are some more before and after photos.  Above left is the new overlay we installed and sanded.  Above right is the final floor after staining, sealing, and waxing.

Gilliam 11
Gilliam 12

These last four photos (above and below) show the owner's original overlay effort on the left, and our final product on the right.