Green Residence 

Green 1
Green 2

This is an existing concrete slab in a residential basement, in metro Detroit, that formerly was covered with vinly tile.  We ground off the adhesive down to bare concrete in preparation for acid staining.

Green 3
Green 4

We then masked off the walls and new cabinets with plastic to protect them during the staining process, and applied the stain.  The color was "Caramel", from Brickform.  Above left, the stain is still wet.  Above right, the floor is dry after rinsing the excess residue and neutralizing the pH.

Green 5
Green 6

To protect and enhance the resulting coloring, we next applied two coats of a clear, water-based epoxy sealer from Brickform (above left) and to add further luster and facilitate maintenance, then applied three coats of a clear, acrylic floor finish from Spartan Chemical.

Green 7
Green 8

Here are several more before and after photos of the floor.  Notice the dramatic transformation.  We are experts at getting concrete clean without damaging it - something that is crucial when acid-staining old, existing, or previously treated concrete slabs.

Green 9
Green 10