Decorative Concrete Flooring Links


Good Contractors & Companies:

Stained by Design - provider of acid-stained floors and decorative concrete overlay products that will enhance the beauty of your existing concrete - specializing in custom interior floors.

Essex, England: 
Ethical Coatings  Ethical Coatings is the UK and Irelands leading Facade Protection Expert. They specialize in Concrete, Brick, Stone and Anti Graffiti Coating Systems, and are specialist applicators of the world renowned PSS range of protective coatings.

Online Forums & Resources:

Stained Concrete Chicago - This is a great resource with to the point ideas, tips, and information about completing successful stained concrete projects in the Detroit & Chicago areas whether they be do-it-yourself projects or projects for hire.  This web site also includes helpful inside information about optimizing new concrete for staining. Find it here also:  Concrete Stain Chicago.

Trade Magazines & Resources:

Concrete Decor: A very attractive & professional monthly magazine that covers a broad range of decorative concrete issues and applications and contains lots of pertinent advertising. It is the leading industry trade magazine for the latestinformation and trends in acid-stained concrete floors, stained concrete overlays, and other types of decorative concrete.

Michigan Concrete Association: An industry association established in 1952 that consists of ready mix concrete producers and suppliers, and has nearly 200 members today.  Their web site is an educational resource for consumers and concrete professionals that includes: concrete care tips; a concrete supplier membership directory; association certification programs; state legislative decisions that affect concrete and construction; and upcoming industry events.

Polyurea Development Association:  A trade association formed in 2000 by leading polyurea coatingsmanufacturers to promote market awareness, development, technical knowhow, and the expansion & distribution of polyurea technology through educational programs, product standards, safety guidelines, and environmental use recommendations.

Coatings Pro:  This is a monthly magazine that focuses on commercial and industrial coatings technologies .  In addition to good technical information, it examines recent projects completed with these technologies.  It includes good advertising from most of the leading manufacturers of coatings and surface prep equipment, and also examines business issues facing coatings contractors. 

Concrete Contractor: This is a growing magazine issued monthly that touches on a range of issues involved in running a successful concrete contractor business, including in-depth coverage of acid-stained concrete and other decorative concrete flooring issues, as well as business-related issues, like marketing techniques.  It also contains great advertising information about new products.

Concrete Construction: An extremely informative monthly magazine about concrete in general, it regularly includes an educational section on decorative concrete issues, such as concrete staining and sealers for stained concrete floors.  It also covers common application problems and troubleshoots issues that readers submit.

Durability & Design:  A monthly print journal, daily newsletter, and web site focusing on the technology, specification, and application of architectural coatings and related materials, targeted at architects, specifiers, designers, painting and specialty contractors, facility owners, coatings suppliers, and consultants, with a special section on decorative finishes.