Matzak, Inc.

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This is the truck and machinery repair area of a 3,200 square foot warehouse.  The owner wanted it sealed so that oil and vehicle fluids wouldn't stain the concrete.  Acid stain was used for coloring, rather than epoxy, as the color would be "in" the concrete and could not peel off.  A polyurea clear sealer was used to protect the floor, as it would be more chemical resistant than an epoxy or urethane.  The first photo shows the floor at the outset; the photo at right shows the floor after cleaning.  The next two photos below show the floor after staining, and then after sealing.  The bottom two photos show the floor from a different angle.  The last photo show the glass bead aggregate that was added to the final coat of sealer for slip resistance.  It isn't aesthetically appealing, but it does help prevent slips and falls by workers on a wet floor.  Artcrete's "Mahogany" was the color of acid stain used.

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