Parking Deck Stairwell

Parking Deck Stairwell 1
Parking Deck Stairwell 2

This is a concrete stairwell in a large commercial parking deck in the Detroit metro area.  The concrete was in a state of disrepair due to cracking, spalling, and poor patchwork.  We corrected these structural defects and then applied 2 coats of VOC-compliant epoxy, and 1 coat of low-VOC aliphatic polyurethane from PPG/Ameron.  The purpose of these coatings was to make the concrete stairwell area water-proof, slip-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing to pedestrians.

Parking Deck Stairwell 3
Parking Deck Stairwell 4

Above and below are before and after photos of the project.  A light taupe color was chosen to give the stairwell an inviting sense of safety and to allow for dirt, debris and slip hazards to be readily apparent and avoided or removed .  A small, glass bead additive was used in the final coat of urethane to provide maximum slip resistance. 

Parking Deck Stairwell 5
Parking Deck Stairwell 6

These particular coatings from PPG/Ameron were specially chosen for their unique characteristics of A) tensile elongation; B) corrosion protection; C) water-resistance; and D) cold weather exposure - all features needed in an outdoor, Midwest, freeze-thaw climate.

Parking Deck Stairwell 7
Parking Deck Stairwell 8