Shelby Residence

Dirty, Stained Existing Garage Concrete Floor Before Decorative Concrete Overlay
Dirty Garage Concrete Floor After Installing White Cement Overlay

This is a single car garage in a townhome.  The owner wanted acid-stained concrete, but the concrete (above left) was in such bad shape it needed to be ground down, repaired, and resurfaced first.  We used three thin layers of white cement overlay, then sanded it smooth (above right).

Acid-Staining Of White Cement Overlay Of Dirty Garage Concrete Floor
White Cement Overlay Of Garage Concrete Floor After Acid-Staining

When acid-staining any concrete floor with a vertical riser, the riser must be done first by hand (above left).  Otherwise, the sprayed stain will run down the riser and leave drip marks.  After finishing the riser, we sprayed two coats of stain on the rest of the overlay (above right).

Acid-Stained, White Cement Overlay Of Garage Concrete Floor After Rinsing Excess Residue
Terra Cotta Acid-Stained White Cement Overlay Of Garage Concrete Floor After Applying Clear Polyurea Sealer

Here is the acid-stained garage floor after rinsing the excess stain residue and neutralizing (above left).  We then applied 3 thin coats of clear polyurea sealer (above right).  Polyurea is similar to epoxy but much stronger, more durable, and UV- and dirt-resistant.  Unlike with epoxy, this garage floor won't need to be redone in 3 or 4 years.